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What is CoDA?


CoDA is a California 501(c)3 non-profit helping archaeologists and cultural resource managers capture, preserve, and share digital content.
The Center for Digital Archaeology designs paperless apps including Codifi and Mukurtu for curating content that is safe, secure and accessible forever.

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Modular Codifi: FMP Urls and iBooks Author Integration

Modular Codifi: FMP Urls and iBooks Author Integration on YouTube in HD How cool would it be if we could create interactive book experiences that were linked to live data, without coding? This is the first in a series of Modular Codifi videos exploring techniques that... read more

Agile project management as we know it

At CoDA, we are enthusiastic followers of the Agile movement, proposing it as an alternative to traditional project management. Here we give you a short overview of Agile’s basics and two core concepts, user stories and scrum meetings, that revolutionized the way we... read more

Project management in highly interdisciplinary projects

As a company that assists various heritage stakeholders approaching and leveraging the digital world, the Center for Digital Archaeology is very aware of the challenges of highly interdisciplinary projects. In both our Mukurtu and Codifi projects we’ve alternately... read more

Da Capo al CoDA: [re]introducing the digital archaeology blog

Da Capo al CoDA, literally, from the head to the tail. In sheet music, it directs the musician to start at the beginning (“Capo”) and once you reach the first coda symbol, skip to the second and then play to the end. This second part is the “coda”, the tail, and is as... read more

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