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Codifi is your complete solution…

 …to manage, harmonize, and publish your content. Our app provides you with effective data management tools and workflows to integrate and synchronize your data and media saving time and gaining security.

Dig in is the digital service bridging…

Mukurtu CMS with the new internet. is Mukurtu-as-a-Service, combined with CoDA’s renowned workflows and expertise making cultural community content safe and accessible. It’s yours. 



Effective workflows for gathering, managing, and sharing cultural content for research and cultural resource management, from beginning to end, no matter the scale.


Several levels of training to provide you with real world skills in data and media management, and to ensure quick adoption of our solutions.


Extensive experience in deliverable oriented projects. We help deliver great products within given budget and time frame.

What is CoDA?


The Center for Digital Archaeology is a 501(c)3 non-profit company dedicated to the development of tools and services for the study and sustainability of our tangible and intangible heritage.

We create data-driven digital products and educational programs to support individuals and organizations in charge of the creation, management, and publishing of cultural content.

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