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news about mukurtu net is the best hosting option on the Net for anyone looking to build a safe keeping place for digital heritage without the hassle of running your own hosting environment. We work around the clock to make sure that all sites are safe, secure, and accessible forever. With guaranteed 99.99% uptime, and 24/7 site support, you never have to worry about service outages. Our services and solutions are tailored to suit your content protocol, curation, and import needs. Available Now is here and the queue is growing! Sign up now to get on the waiting list. Sites are spun up on a first come, first served basis, starting in April! We’re here to help with everything you need, with services, training and consulting for any size project. Get in touch today.

1 Gigabyte

/ Small but Secure
  • zero subscribe 1GB is fully hosted for this one time charge, forever.
  • Add more storage and services at anytime (subject to additional fees)
  • Monthly or annual financing terms are available, just ask!plan_small
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20 Gigabyte

/ Medium and Mighty
  • zero subscribe 20GB is fully hosted for this one time charge, forever.
  • Add more storage and services at anytime (subject to additional fees)
  • Monthly or annual financing terms are available, just ask!plan_med
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50 Gigabyte

/ Archival Safe-Keeping
  • zero subscribe 50GB is fully hosted for this one time charge, forever.
  • Add more storage and services at anytime (subject to additional fees)
  • Monthly or annual financing terms are available, just ask!plan_large
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All of our sites come with the highest security and sustainability standards available

  • Zero Subscription. Virtually all cloud-based services out there require a subscription. We seek a different path, calling for digital preservation without limits. We have developed a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) funding model. There are no downstream costs and no surprises. Pay once and it’s yours. Forever.
  • Cloud Hosting.  The safest keeping place on the Net. We have partnered with Blackmesh, a private, dedicated hosting service to provide They are truly amazing, offering 99.9999% uptime and impeccable customer service that includes 24/7 support. We will open a second data center in Canada, in order for us to comply with international requirements for data security due to the Patriot Act. Over the next few months, we’ll be announcing exciting options for LOCKSS boxes for your sites as we develop an international preservation mesh network. Stay tuned.
  • Weekly Office Hours. Have questions? Want to work virtually hand in hand with our expert Mukurtu CMS team? We’re here for you with standing weekly office hours, coming in April.
  • Open Source. sites are built from the Mukurtu CMS 2.0 core release. Mukurtu CMS is a free, open source software distribution built in Drupal (nerd alert: read about why Drupal is awesome). As Mukurtu grows and the community blossoms, more features, add ons, and themes will be made available for Mukurtu users, and your site will always be the latest, most secure version. How do we know? CoDA is a co-maintainer of Mukurtu core.

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We have your back. Check out these services and packages we offer in addition to hosting.

Zero Configuration

We recommend and require a stack of services to make your site as efficient and secure as possible on Let us take care of these tedious steps for you so you can start working on the content and memories that mean the most to you.

Content Kickstart

Getting your content organized can be difficult. We provide consultations and services to help you manage your media and stories. Full setup of your site for 100 items. Includes consulting, metadata management, archival versioning, and 2 hours training.

One-on-One Virtual Training

We transfer our workflows to your team. Session attendees will learn to prepare, import, curate, and manage your Mukurtu assets and content. Our curriculum provides training materials (PDFs), web resources (training videos), and two, one-hour training sessions with your team of 4 people.

Build a Theme

Using a theme is a quick and easy way to add interest to pages and give them a professional look. Work with us to build a custom theme for your site.

 Mukurtu 2.0 is coming April 1st

Version 2.0, is a complete, ground up rewrite of Mukurtu CMS and it’s going to be amazing. This means there is so much more we can do together! Below are some of the features requested most by the Mukurtu CMS community and the features we are most excited about serving. To learn more about the Mukurtu CMS project, check out, and our learn page, coming April 1.


TK Labels

Mukurtu CMS makes it possible for you to share your digital cultural heritage using a set of innovative traditional knowledge labels designed to inform your audiences about the contents of your site. The TK labels recognize that large amounts of Indigenous materials that are in the public domain, but may be missing information, or may in fact be misused. Traditional knowledge labels ask all new users of this special material to respect Indigenous protocols and to gather, create, and share responsibly and respectfully.


Mukurtu CMS now offers lets you organize and curate digital heritage content into formal collections. Individual digital heritage items can be created out of multiple media items, each with their own descriptive and technical metadata. Select multiple digital heritage items and create collections as new objects that can be selected and viewed just like single items, create infinite viewing and sharing possibilities.

Cultural Protocols

Cultural protocols are the core of Mukurtu CMS. Protocols allow you to determine fine-grained levels of access to your digital heritage materials based on your community needs. Sharing protocols make it possible to define a range of access levels for digital heritage objects and collections from completely open to strictly controlled and it is easy to change a sharing protocol with just a few clicks. Protocols change with you.

Media Roundtrip

Maintaining the integrity of your files and data is of the utmost importance to us. With Mukurtu CMS, we’ve designed Roundtrip. Media and data collections can be brought into Mukurtu and exported again without risk of losing meaning. Read, enrich, enhance or update the metadata inside of the CMS, and then export them again for use in other platforms with the original metadata intact. For the provenance-keepers out there, the exported files even pass an MD5 hash check!

On our Blog

Welcome Mukurtu CMS 2.0. A Safe Keeping Place.

Mukurtu CMS 2.0 is finally here! Stay tuned on our blog for updates about the new features and sneak previews of the completely redesigned user interface. Release 2.0 is a major software update for Drupal-based Mukurtu CMS, developed by the Center for Digital...

CoDA is an independent non-profit. We’re not obligated to institutional research collectors. When we say “Your Memories, Your Terms.” we can deliver that promise with integrity.

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